Wilhemgold Multifunctional Tyre Inflator - FS6268L


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The 2 cylinder 4in1 multifunctional tyre inflator is a highly reliable tyre equipment which is powered by a car battery. It comes with two power options. 

1. You can either power it with cigarette lighter by plugging it into cigarette lighter receptacle; or

2. You can power by using the battery clamps to fit  on the battery mounts.

A flat tire can be filled completely within 3-5 minutes.

It comes with following features

  • 3 set Nozzle Adapters
  • 1 vulcaniser-grade hose
  • 1 yellow-rubber hose
  • Led light
  • Gauge


    • Shock proof rubber pads to keep small vibration and noise.
    • Gauge range is 0-150 PSI.
    • A flat tire can be filled completely within 5 minutes.
    • Three kinds of gas nozzle to support tires, rafts, mattresses, pool toys, athletic balls, etc.

    • Air Compressor weight 1.49kg
    • Maximum Output: 150 PSI
    • Flow: 35L/min

    Package Include:
    • 1 x 12V Car Air Compressor
    • 3 x Nozzle Adapters
    • Led light
    • Bag
    • Battery head clamp and cigarette lighter 

    Note:1. The first to do is to start  the car engine, to enhance the power and so as not to run down the car's battery 2. The machine limit DC (DC12V10A) power supply, can not use household high voltage power supply. 3. Please, this device should only be used continuously when inflating the car's tire for 15 minutes, then  rest the device for cooling, thereby prolonging the motor life. 4. General tires inflated, about 3-5 minutes can reach 220 KPA normal tire pressure. Large tires is a little longer. As starting inflated, the meter pointer rapid increase represents both the air and did not charge into the tire, must be stopped again, otherwise, the instrument and the motor will be damaged.
    The tire inflator does not apply to trucks and lorry.

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