Smoke Gas Detector


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Quick Overview

Smoke Detector is good tools which should be install in all apartment both kitchen,factories,companies and so on


Product Description

Smoke alarms/detectors can literally save lives, properties and investments if a fire should happen at home, office, school, etc? Many people understand this, but they assume that a fire won't happen at their home, office, school etc, so they don't do anything about it. It is therefore ideal for homes, warehouses, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals etc.

Benefit of use

1. You have the ability to react to the alarm as soon as you hear it. This will enable you to contain the fire from engulfing the whole office or home. Smoke detectors in at homes, offices, schools, meeting rooms, halls, etc will direct you to the exact area where the smoke has been identified. This will make it possible to get hold of a fire extinguisher so that you can put off the flames or simply raise alarm.

2. Smoke detectors in homes, offices, schools, meeting rooms, halls, etc will alert every person around immediately. This is one of the chief aims of installing smoke detectors in homes, offices, schools, meeting rooms, halls, etc. It will work in alerting every person in the around about the possibility of fire.

3. It provides the persons still inside the homes, offices, schools, meeting rooms, halls, etc with adequate time frame to get off before the fire spreads. As stated earlier, early detection is of uttermost importance.


1. Battery Included

2. Alarm Test Button

3. Low Battery Warning

4. Photoelectric Technology

5. Loud 85db Alarm Signal


(1) Unit Size:Φ140X41mm

(2) Working Current:1-Static Current: ≤10μA 2- Alarm Current: ≤12mA

(3) Operation Voltage: DC

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