Shatterproof Glass Laminate


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Shatterproof Glass Laminate for Vehicles & Building Window Glasses Protection


Advantages of Security, Safety & Anti-blast/Shatter-proof Laminate

• No blocking and gives you a very clear view of your glass.

• Protection against Weapons, Natural Disaster, Explosion, etc...

• No penetration on glass regardless of man-made or natural disaster.

• Life time endurance

• Compatible cost against others material

• Easy installation

• No renovation required

• Solar and UV filtering

• Provides cooler environment

• Protects your property or goods from robbery, riot, such as banks, display cabinet, museum, etc.


• For the buildings of Government offices and others to keep confidential and safe.

• Airport, Terminals, Hospitals and others where a lot of people are crowded.

• Exhibition Center to display and sell out commercial products and property.

• Vehicle of Police and Governmental organizations to keep public peace and VIP protection.

• Crime areas and building where various kinds of violence and terrors often occur.

• The areas where Storm, tidal wave and earthquake, etc may occur.

• Bank, Jewelry Store and others where jewelry may be stolen.

• The place where robbery and burglary crimes are likely to occur after glass window being broken.

• The place where pieces of broken may fly away from high rise building.

• Resorts, Villa and Garden House.

• Military bases and the places in the risk of stray bullet.

• Kindergarten, Reformatory and Public nursery.

• Ship, Beacon, Coast defense sentry box.

• Airport control tower and other aviation facilities.

• Veranda of apartment houses and other places where burglar-proof window is needed.

Explosion/Shatter-proof Laminate Dimension

A Roll of the laminate is:1.6Meter by 30.5Meter (47 Sqm) or 5Ft by 100 ft (500 Sqf)


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