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This is particularly good for:

1. Those that leave home for work or school early and those that keep late nights

2. Women, especially those on campus to help prevent rape incidents

3. Self defence against burglars and robbers 4. Law enforcement agents and private security practitioners and many more.

Pull the protection cap upwards and press on the red button gently to release the jet while aiming. If accidentally used against self, wash off with plenty of water. Ejection time is about 4seconds at the speed of 8.5g/s and the distance is 3-7metres. Volume is 90ml to ensure multiple usage. Contains Oleoresin Capsicum OC.


NATO pepperspray, a product of German technology, is used in self-defense against human and animal attack, as well as for riot and crowd control. It is very safe and good for self defence against criminals as criminals fear that element of surprise when the victim becomes the aggressor. Spray directly into face to force the eyes to shut temporarily while you escape. Incapacitate your attacker for up to 30 minutes.

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