MGBAKO : The Calculator Game

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MGBAKO is a fun, interactive and thrilling mathematics boardgame. It attempts to emotionally engage us by bringing real time maths experience combined with pressure and competition. MGBAKO is recommended for adults, teenagers, children and anyone who just want to have a fun time.


MGBAKO is a mathematical themed boardgame played with the help of a customized arithmetic dice. It is played with a max of 6 players/min of 2 players and takes an average of 20 mins depending on the no of players playing. It turns arithmetic into fun whilst under pressure.

Content in the Box:

  1. 5 double-face MGBAKO Pad
  2. 96 Playing token
  3. 1 customized Arithmetic dice
  4. Manual


  1. Players decide who starts the game (Anyone can start)
  2. Active Player (player whose turn it is) will roll the arithmetic dice.
  3. Active Player then compete with the layer by their right hand side by PUTTING their TOKEN that is the same with what they ROLLED on thedice. The TOKEN is dropped on the WHITE SPACES on the MGBAKO NUMBER PAD.
  4. Players who dropped the correct token onthe correctwhite space wins the round. The TOKEN is DROPPED correctly if it can connect TWO NUMBERS to give equal to another. For instance, If a PLUS SIGN is dropped between 7 and 3 and ther is a connection line to 10, the it is correct. However, if it can't be connected to 10, then it is not correct.
  5. once a white space is take, it is no longer inplay
  6. When nothing can be played on the MGBAKO NUMBER PAD,Players can turn to the other side of the pad. Before they do that, they remove all the player token and keep separately form the ones (tokens) they have still in play.


Player who has more token on the Mgbako Number Pad at the end of the game wins.


  1. When a player uses all their PLAYER TOKEN
  2. When players agree to end (for instance after filling a certain number of Mgbako Number Pad)

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