LG Microwave MWO 2535


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Key Features
  • 25 Liters
  • Inverter
  • Less Power Consumption
  • 1000 Watts Black
  • Glass Touch
  • White LED Display


The LG 25 Liters Microwave MWO 2535 product can heat up faster than a sheath heater. This excellent product has an iWave technology that ensures faster and healthier cooking by circulating microwave consistently inside the cavity.

The heater is placed on top of the cavity to give you more inner space and prevent your hands from getting burnt.

It can be used to defrost food that has been prepared and stored in the freezer, all you need do is put it in the microwave and at the click of a digital panel you input the exact time function on the display control keypad that clearly explains itself for you to defrost the food.


·         Prepares your dish at the touch of a button

·         Heats up fast

·         Prepares your meals faster and healthier

·         Defrosts food that has refrigerated faster

·         Easy Cleaning

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