Kingii Inflatable Wristband Water Safety Device


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Great for swimming, surfing, and all water sports. Pull the lever and an airbag helps you stay afloat. Sufficient for a 130kg/285 lbs person. Easily reusable with refill cartridge.


Wrist worn water safety device

Water emergencies can happen when you least expect it. The Kingii is a water safety device which can be worn like a wrist watch when one is in or around water. Pulling a lever instantly triggers a gas cartridge release mechanism to inflate the airbag with carbon dioxide (much like a car airbag) and provide buoyancy to an accidentally submerged person. Once inflated, the person in distress can then wrap his/her arms around the airbag to remain afloat long enough to be rescued or swim to safety.
In addition to the airbag, there is a whistle to signal for help and a compass to help you navigate back to shore if need be. After use, the airbag can be completely deflated, refolded up and repacked in its pouch. Attach a new carbon dioxide cartridge and the Kingii is ready to be used again.

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