Invictus Energy PSW7 2KVA 12V Inverter


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Invictus Energy Power inverter is a unique system with 2000 Watts 12V


  • It is a high standard inverter with advanced features to help support uninterrupted power supply for homes,offices and industries.
  • It is sleek in design, rugged with a user friendly interface.
  • The 2KVA 12V systems can carry most of your important household appliances at least 6 (15 watt light bulbs), 2 standing fans, TV, desktop computer, laptop, printer.
  • The 12V system can work with 1 to 2 12 200AH batteries and could last up to 4 to 8 hours depending on the load on the battery.
  • It is recommend that the capacity of battery to be 1.3 higher than the rated connected load for light loads e.g bulbs and 3 times higher for heavy loads e.g Air-condition.
  • This inverter comes with a 1 year warranty, warranty is void if inverter should be opened by an unauthorized INVICTUS ENERGY SOLUTION technician.
  • Please ensure inverter is installed by a qualified installer, to avoid accidents and damage of property. Illuminate your Environs.

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