Haier Thermocool Fridge - DCOOL 107 SLV


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  • Capacity: 90litters
  • Color: Silver


The Hr 107 Refrigerator Maintains A Temperature A Few Degrees Above The Freezing Point Of Water. With The Controller, You Can Keep The Temperature At 3 To 5 °C Which Is The Suitable Range Perishable Foods. It Has A Roller Bond Freezer That Maintains A Temperature Below The Freezing Point. It Consists Of A Bottle Rack With Cooling Zone. Air From The Freezer Is Diverted To The Refrigerator Door, To Cool Milk, Juice Of Other Bottled Drinks Or Food Stored In The Bottle Rack. The Ice Box Can Be Used To Make Ice, Have Ice At Your Disposal Always. Walk Home To Drinks In A Hot Afternoon. The Ultra Stylish Silver Unit Can Work From 160v To 260v. That Can Depress Compressor Temperature And Ensures That The Unit Works From 160v To 260v, Giving You Great Value For Your Money. The Refrigerator Has A Convenient Lock And Key To Secure Stored Food Items.

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