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 This warmer is a new-style hot water bottle which is made of special material, It can keep warm and make you feel very soft, comfortable and convenient.


*The warmer is one of the new healthy and keeping warm product. It can ease pains such as arthritic, toothache, arthritis, headache, back and neck pain, chilblain.

*It has big difference from normal warmer, It takes 8-10 minutes to Heat and it can keep warm for 2-5 hours

*Double-safety. A double temperature controller is incorporated when temperature is reaching about 60-70 degrees, it will automatically switch off.

*The design of the fabric and print would be differ.Picture is just for your understanding purpose.

Use Description:-

1- Injecting Water:- 800-1000ml of normal water we be injected into the water hole.

2- Exhaust:- Squeezing the root of water hole, exhaust the air till overflowed.

3- Charging:-Putting on a dry place , the product will be linked with the power cable into a socket, connected to power, indicator light turning on.

It takes about 8-10 minutes till temprature reaches 70, the thermostat will automatically power down the light, it means the Heating /charge has been completed.

Pls note that you do not use hot bag when plugged to electricity,it's just for heating the water

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