Dylon Colour Catcher 12sheets


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Colour Catcher by Dylon is the most effective at preventing colour run from ruining your clothes.

Wash light colours and dark coloured clothes together without having colour runs.

Dylon is the world leader in the manufacture of dyes. 


Every time you wash laundry the bright or dark coloured clothes in the wash load bleeds dye into the laundry ruining the other clothes.

With dylon Colour catcher, you wash light colours and dark coloured clothes together in one wash load without having colour runs.

It is  suitable for use on all fabrics in both handwash and machine wash.

Colour catcher does not put any chemicals in the water.


Place the colour catcher sheet flat in the washing machine drum or bucket (for handwash).

Load the laundry in the machine/bucket

Wash laundry.

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