Blood Circulatory Massager

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This Blood Circulatory & Massaging Machine is designed to increase blood supply to every part of the body, ease pressure and reduce Fatigue. It's a self-health care massaging machine suitable for everyone. It's operation penetrates all parts of the body and gives benefits of a week long exercise within 15 minutes of experience.


Health Benefits:
· Relieves joint pain, arthritis, leg and back ache
· Relieves Rheumatism, Gout and Headache
· Corrects High and low Blood pressure
· Relieves sexual disorder and cardiac function
· Effective for constipation and hemorrhoid
· Helps in weight reduction
· Helps people with sleep disorder
· Effective for people with climacteric syndrome
· Relieves chronic infection of the urinary tract
· Relieves paralysis of facial nerve, diabetes (type II) etc

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