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Aroma Spa Collection


> Would you like to pamper their bodies with the fragrant aromas, a soothing bath with essential oils and enjoy this recharge your batteries? The Forever Aroma Spa Collection is a three-part pampering and also allows you to dive into another world. >You are with this Spa Cosmetics Meet a world of peace and relaxation. The spa wellness product of Forever Living Products will also inspire you. Salon Products for perfectionists. > The Forever Aroma Spa Collection includes everything you need to make you feel comfortable. The three wellness products Relaxation Bath Salts , Relaxation Massage Lotion and Shower Gel relaxation are prepared on the basis of the aloe vera plant and thereby contain very valuable ingredients of exceptionally high quality. > It should be noted that the Forever Living Products Aloe Vera plant itself grows, controlled and also reaps itself and further processed. So everything from a single source, from the aloe vera plant to the product. >When you apply the Forever Spa Collection, you will also enjoy the inspiring scent of bergamot and lavender flowers. You will be spoiled by the diverse flavors of fruit extracts. These wellness products, you will experience a unique relaxation experience and forget everyday life for a while. Whether you're the bath salts, use the massage lotion or shower gel, or all together, and you will love this product Wellness. The bath salts includes the salt from the Dead Sea, this salt is very famous for the beneficial properties. > The minerals contained therein moves quickly into the skin and promote the absorption of moisture. The precious lavender oil contained in this spa product provides excellent relaxation and the essential oils of bergamot revitalize body and mind. > Relax and be pampered by the unique properties of this wellness product. For a spa bath you need only 2 tablespoons of this bath salts. > The Forever Relaxation Shower Gel contains all the power of the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. This tri

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