10pcs Disposable Toilet Seat Covers


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10pcs Disposable Toilet Seat Covers


  • Protection from germs and diseases on Toilet seats
  • Pack contains 10 pieces disposable toilet seat covers
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • Do not block drains
  • Ideal for the hygiene conscious
  • Presents a crispy toilet seat at every usage
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Handy at public functions, Public toilets, Offices, Churches, Mosques, Parties, Seminars, while traveling and at visitors toilets.

How to Use:

Pull out a disposable cover, detach all along the perforation, and lay the sanitary-cover on the bowl with the cut tongue falling on the fore inner surface of the bowl. You can dispose the cover in the bin or flush.

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